Dave's Faves

Although I have fished with a lot of rods in the search for the ultimate tools for the job there are some that I have never seen the need to improve on, and others I keep coming back to.

Wherever you see you have stumbled across one of these rods and can be sure that I really do use them for catching fish!

Here's a list of them with quick links to the relevant page.

AXIOM 7013
This rod is so versatile I use it for 90% or more of my lure fishing for pike - from Bull Dawgs to 1.5oz jigs to jerkbaits of all sorts, from bank and boat.

Even after all these years I have yet to find a blank that makes a better all-round pike rod for bank fishing at close to medium range, and which also deals well with drift float fishing. Also puts small baits/three ounce leads out as far as is usually required.

For bait fishing from a boat there is no other choice. Simple as that.

Does much the same as the P-1, but gets under trees better and weighs less when walking a long way. Also doubles for boat fishing.

For big baits, heavy tackle situations from the bank and for long casts there's no better pike rod..

A versatile rod that I use mainly for tench in weed or at range. Have also used it for c*rp fishing, zandering and might give it a blast for barbel some time.

Interceptor 2
This one has sneaked up on me to become my favourite tench rod when 'standard' tench tackle is all that's required. Pretty handy for bream fishing too.

The only barbel rod I use where space restrictions don't make the twelve foot length a problem. The bee's knees!

Simply the sweetest light Avon rod I have ever picked up. Superb close range perch rod.

Despite its (over)stated 1.75lb test curve I use this rod for roach and chub fishing!