Standard Specialist Rods

SS11A 11ft/1lb 6oz: £240.00
Eight rings plus tip - 25mm butt/8mm tip.
Traditional all-through action. Built on the long standing Harrison classic Avon blank. There's nothing else to say!

SS12-204 12ft/2lb 4oz: £265.00
Eight rings plus tip - 25mm butt/8mm tip.
I know for a fact this rod will deal with big tench and barbel, not to mention zander and carp. As with the other SS12s this is a slim but tough blank, maybe not exciting to look at, but really great for fishing with, and versatile with it. Compound action with a tip that bends easily into a progressively stiffer butt while retaining a through action.

SS12-200 12ft/2lb 0oz: £260.00
Eight rings plus tip - 25mm butt/8mm tip.
Similar to the SS12-204 but a lighter test curve.

SS12-112 12ft/1lb 12oz: £260.00
Eight rings plus tip - 25mm butt/8mm tip.
Following the same concept as the other two SS12s, but lighter still.

Interceptor 1 12ft/1lb 10oz: £260.00
Eight rings plus tip - 20mm butt/8mm tip.
I reckon the test curve rating on this is a little high. More like the 11ft Avon in fact. As a result this rod can also be built for use as a heavy float rod for lines to six pounds or slightly more.

Interceptor 2 12ft/1lb 12oz: £260.00
Eight rings plus tip - 20mm butt/8mm tip.
A stepped up tip for the Interceptor 1 makes this suitable for casting 35g method feeders and Kamasan Black Caps up to 50g but still a pleasant fish playing tool for big tench. In fact this has become my favourite tench and bream rod where heavy tackle or long casting isn't required.

Other Harrison specialist blanks

Rods can also be built on the blanks listed below (all are two piece unless stated otherwise):

10ft 1.75lb Stalker
11ft 1.75lb SU Avon
11ft 1.5lb Avon (four piece)
11ft 1.75lb Gti
11ft 2lb Gti

And others.

Please enquire for details and prices.


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I can supply bare blanks for most of the rods listed here. Please contact me for prices.