Predator Rods


As standard all bait rods are built on unground, natural carbon blanks with overfit joints. Three leg Fuji guides are whipped in black and finished with high gloss epoxy varnish (I don't fit single leg guides as standard in order to save time and money, simply because I know that they don't withstand the rigours of pike fishing). Lettering is in white ink and kept to a bare minimum.

Fuji BCLSVOG guide fitted as standard to all DLST predator rods.

Standard handles feature hooded DNPS graphite reel seat and abbreviated Duplon grips with stainless steel front collars and butt buttons. Cork handles with DPS reel seats are standard on boat rods and are available at small extra cost on other rods. All stated test curves and lengths are approximate, being a useful guide to a rod's capabilities. As a result of my policy of progressive development I reserve the right to alter build specifications from those described here. All rods are supplied in clear polythene sleeve. Should you require a cloth rod bag these are available as an extra.

Standard handle configuration for 12ft and 13ft predator rods - click for bigger.

For alternatives see the Custom Builds page.

Rover Ringing available on most models.

X-1 12ft/3lb: 255.00
rings plus tip - 40mm butt/12mm tip. Rover Ringing
For full details of this new rod please visit it's own page.
BAIT BLASTER 1 (BB350) 12ft/3.5lb: 250.00
rings plus tip - 40mm butt/12mm tip.
Despite the  test curve the BB350 is a comparatively forgiving rod, but is well capable of casting foot long herrings, or hurling big leads a long way. As well as being useful for long range casting the BB350 has become a firm favourite for big water pikers on rugged natural lakes and lochs. As well as being popular pikers it has also been used to catch catfish, twenty pound plus carp and wrasse.

All Bait Blasters are finished with the same Fuji fittings as the rest of my bait rods.

Read some unsolicited comments about the BB350


P-1 12ft/2.75lb: 250.00
Six rings plus tip - 30mm butt/10mm tip.

Without doubt the finest all round predator rod available. Proving itself by banking loads of twenties and an odd thirty around the country. While the action is soft enough to cast livebaits without throwing them from the hooks, there is plenty of power in the middle and butt for propelling half-baits a fair way too. Small baits and three ounce leads go a fair way and I have even used this rod for drifting with success. If the P-1 won't deal with 90% of your piking needs, then I don't know what will! I designed the P-1 specifically for pike fishing - knowing how pike anglers overload and generally mistreat their gear. Like all the rods in my range this one can take all the punishment you can throw at it. As well as having now landed pike to 36lb 4oz the P-1 has also banked zander to almost 15lb, 52lb catfish and big eels. The perfect all-round big predator rod? Probably!

"Dave, just thought I'd let you know I've had my
P-1s since you started building them and still haven't seen a better blank on the bank."

Stewart Burrows

And from the Pike and Predators Forum and via e-mail

Need I say more?

D-3 13ft/4lb: £325.00
Five rings plus tip - 40mm butt/12mm tip.
This is the most awesome distance rod I have ever used for casting big lead/small bait rigs. However it has enough give in the tip to make it possible to fish at close range in safety. I have had pike to over twenty pounds on this rod when fishing at less than twenty yards range! If you need a powerful casting rod with a relatively forgiving action then this is it. Has also landed continental river cats to over 78lb. If you prefer more rings this can be accommodated.
Z-1 12ft/2.25lb: £255.00
Seven rings plus tip - 25mm butt/10mm tip.
Traditional all-through action. Originally intended for zander fishing this one has proved equally at home seeking big tench and carp of any size at close to medium range, not to mention big barbel. Unlike some slimline blanks this is not a stick of spaghetti, and it has a wall thickness to withstand my rough treatment. Pike to well over twenty also landed, by design by my customers, on this one.
Z-2 12ft/2.5lb: £255.00
Six rings plus tip - 30mm butt/10mm tip.
A soft tip and a more powerful butt makes the Z-2 an excellent choice for zandering with bigger baits or at longer range. Not a bad multi-range carp rod either!
P-2 11ft/2.5lb: £245.00
Six rings plus tip - 30mm butt/10mm tip.
Multiplier spec; 8 plus tip.

Originally intended as a pike rod for boat fishing (I landed my 37 on the prototype of this rod), the P-2 has become more popular for river and drain fishing since I introduced the two ten-footers below to the list. Even so it is still built as standard with a cork handle and traditional DPS reel seat, although abbreviated Duplon can be fitted if you prefer. A lovely sweet rod, with a steely through action perfect for close in work with smaller baits, and light enough to hold all day if you trotting baits. Can also be rung for multipliers. P-2 features 16.5" of slim cork behind the reel seat, Rover Ringing as standard..

P-3 'Loch Tamer' 10ft/3.5lb: £250.00
Seven rings plus tip - 25mm butt/10mm tip.

This ten footer will tame the wildest loch (lough or lake) pike in the wildest conditions without ripping hooks free. And Lord knows I have tried! Capable of casting large baits when fishing at anchor, and excellent for trolling lures or natural baits, the P-3 has the guts to turn big fish from anchor ropes, but still has enough give to absorb sudden lunges from hard battling fish. Ideally suited for use with braided lines (I have used 65lb Power Pro for some time) and rung to suit multiplier or fixed spool reels. Regular boat fishers on big waters from Lomond to the Lakes, to the Irish Loughs have used the Loch Tamer to tame pike to over 33lb (they have even been used on the puddles of the Norfolk Broads) - and Derek MacDonald landed his trout water beast of 37lb odd, another over 35lb and his tremendous 41 pounder on one! If that isn't enough to confirm this rod's growing status a custom built pair are what Jason Davis used to take his phenomenal catch of thirty-five plussers! I have even had a fourteen pound rainbow on one of mine, but they have subdued much bigger fish elsewhere, like Adrian Brayshaw's world record Nile perch - all 213 pounds of it!  Not to mention a few big Spanish catfish. A classic of the age!

Boat rod handle - cork

Standard handle configuration for P-2, P-3 and P-4 predator rods. For alternatives see the Custom Builds page.

A Loch Tamer in action!

P-4 10ft/2.75lb: £245.00
Seven rings plus tip - 25mm butt/10mm tip.
In essence a stepped down version of the Loch Tamer. A little more power in comparison to the P-2, but still with a pleasing through action. Teamed with fixed spool reel this is a good choice or fishing light or soft baits, and for float trolling situations. In many ways a traditional pike rod like the older ones amongst us used twenty years ago! Rung to suit multiplier or fixed spool reels.


P-5 11ft/3lb: £250.00
Six rings plus tip - 25mm butt/10mm tip.

In terms of power this rod falls between a P-1 and a P3, as it does in length! Although just a bit too stiff in the tip for casting small, soft baits, (choose the P-2 for that job) the P-5 makes a real go-anywhere deadbaiting rod.

Originally designed for fishing medium to large deadbaits for pike on drains and rivers where being prepared to move can be crucial to success, I have also used the P-5 for boat fishing and from the bank on still waters where I either don't need maximum distance casting, or where I have to fish under overhanging trees.

The short handle is a couple of inches longer than on the P-2 etc., and Rover Ringing is standard. A cork handle and/or eight rings can be fitted at a small extra charge. No extra charge for a 30mm butt ring.

P-6 11ft/3.5lb: £255.00
Six rings plus tip - 30mm butt/10mm tip.

A couple of pike anglers had asked me for a stepped up version of a P-5. One for using big baits, the other for trolling huge lures. I obliged and after some thought decided there could be others looking for an eleven footer with this sort of test curve for other applications. The test curve is nominal, the rod is a bit of a beast! Other uses I can envisage for the P-6 are use as a spod rod to team up with 11ft rods to make a more compact set up for transportation puurposes, and as a catfish rod.

Standard build is as for the P-5 except for the 30mm butt ring, and custom builds are always available.


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I can supply bare blanks for most of the rods listed here. Please contact me for prices.