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This is a page filled with nice things people have said about DLST and the stuff I sell!!

By e-mail:


Rods turned up, super happy and you even managed to get the Fuji butt caps which is ace.

That thread colour really is good, as much as I appreciate a simplistic look on a rod, this gives it something extra without taking over.



Hi Dave, I received my rods today. They are superb! Really pleased! Thanks a lot. I’ll send you a picture when I catch my first decent Z on them!

Thanks again



Hi Dave received rods today. Absolutely amazing craftsmanship as I have come to expect with you. Better than what I expected. Many thanks once again for an amazing service.




Hi Dave,

My rods arrived today, over the moon with them 1st class, I can't wait to get out with them, thanks very much

Kind regards Barry


Hi Dave,

Rods arrived all safe and sound.

Lovely job mate, I look forward to christening them soon!

Kind Regards



Rods delivered safely yesterday Dave; really chuffed with them thanks very much!




Hi Dave,

Great job, quality build as usual can wait to try it out on the Ouse after those huge chub, I let you know how I get on

Cheers Pete.



The rod arrived today Dave and I just wanted to say that I am extremely pleased with it, thank you very much.

I'll be back in contact with you in a few months when I have the money for a heavy jerkbait rod, thanks again.

Kind regards,



Hi Dave,

Rods arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with them looking forward to trying them out very soon.

Kind regards



Morning Dave
Just a quick note.
Picked up the rods this morning.
In a word.


Outstanding work. Thank you.
All the best Dave.
Can’t speak highly enough of the quality of work.



By e-mail:


Rods arrived this afternoon. They look and feel splendid exactly what I was looking for. Can't wait to get them on the bank and see how they feel with a fish on. I'll keep you appraised of how I get on with them.

Robert Homer

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Hi Dave

Received the rods this morning. Excellent craftsmanship.. Won't hesitate to come back should I require any more rods or recommend you to a friend.. Hopefully will christen them this weekend with a few good fish.

Kind regards

Dave Hawley

By e-mail:


Hi Dave

Thanks once again for the latest set of rods finished to
the usual highest standard. Love the retro snap lock fittings!.

Cheers again

Andy Ganderton

By e-mail:


Hi Dave

Just to say thanks very much for building my rods, fantastic job as usual.

All the best


By e-mail:


For anybody out there browsing through this website, maybe considering taking up zander angling on a more serious note and still searching for the perfect rod blank that's up to the job of tackling those big head thrashing fenland zander, look no further than Dave Lumb's Custom built P-1 rods. Dave built me a pair of these what can best be described as proper fish playing tools way back in the early nineties. I was so impressed by the rods action and lack of “bounce when playing zander” that since then I've added another one to my collection.

This season 2011-12 I took seven Fen doubles to 13lb+ and many good sized back up fish using the custom P-1 rods without a single hook being thrown. These rods when coupled with a good quality and stretchy monofilament main line without any doubt have been the downfall of all my big zander. Dave also supplies a hook proof large meshed landing net that is ideal for the zander angler, another highly recommended piece of kit.

Once again Dave many thanks

Kevin Day

By e-mail:


Hi Dave,

Just thought I would drop you a short email to say that the Loch Tamers turned up safe and sound. Everything I was hoping for ;)

They accommodate the multi’s perfectly.

Thanks again.



Hi Dave

Received the rods today in perfect order. You've done a lovely job with them and cant wait to use them.



Hi Dave,

Collected rods from courier this morning.

Thanks, they look superb, the spec is spot on.

Can't wait to try them out, will let you know how I get on.

Thanks again for building them.




Hi Dave

Just wanna say the rod [Custom Chimera Avon Specialist] is great, pure quality. Well built, light in weight, ideal for what I want, can definitely feel and see the different between this rod and rods I have bought off the shelf.

Cheers Tony


Hi, Just a few lines to say thanks for the rod [Custom Chimera Specialist]. I am delighted, can't wait to use it. I went fishing yesterday (Friday) and came home to find it had been delivered. No comments from my wife!! as yet!! Thank once again.




Thanks very much, the rods [Two Torrix Specialists] arrived this morning. They are everything I expected and I'm looking forward to putting a bend in them on June 16th!

Thanks once again



Received my rod [10ft Stalker] ................................. wow!

What a fantastic piece of kit, I am really chuffed mate.

Many thanks and good luck for the forth coming season.

Thanks again




Received the rod [Axiom 7013] today, thanks very much, looks great, really appreciated.



Hi Dave,

Received the CS12-SU Barbel Rod with thanks last week and very pleased with it.

Tried it out on the Wye Sunday and had an enjoyable day's fishing landing 29 barbel to a best of 11lb and a solitary chub of 4lb10oz. Must of had a total weight of around 230lb, packing up at 6pm for a rest !!

The CS12-SU is an absolute pleasure to use, with the power to cast heavy feeders whilst retaining a lovely playing action, I will be using it for all my barbelling, and will get my order in for another when funds allow.

Many Thanks




Took the new rods [P-1 and Z-1] out at the weekend and had these two...

The fourteen [on the Z-1] fought more like a carp than a zander, gave the rod a good working, the perfect predator rods in my book,

Proper fen river zander..


Duncan Holmes


Hi Dave
Just had my first zander trip of the new season. I know its still a little early but I was getting "very keen" as they say.

The rod that you made for me over the closed season [A custom built P-1] is excellent and performs equally as well as do the other two that you made some years back. In my own opinion these rods although note clearly intended for zander tactics, being perhaps much more dedicated pike rods. I do find these the best I have ever used for zander. So far I have zander to 14lb 12oz on one of them.

Having been at the zander game for over twenty years now, and having tried during this period most of the mass produced "purpose built zander rods"from the well known larger manufacturers. Not one blank has ever given the required action I have always been looking for in a zander rod. But the blanks you have used on my rods easily absorb the savage head shaking and lunges of a big zander thus stopping the hooks from being thrown usually just prior to netting. They can cast a 4oz lead easily across any Fenland river you care to mention and are a dream to fish with.

Many thanks Kevin Day.


Hi Dave.

Just a quick note to say how pleased I have been with the P-1s you made up for me. I have been using them now solidly for the past 5 years and cannot fault them in any way whatsoever. They have been tireless workhorses and have done everything required of them even though they have been punished beyond their capabilities. I have now had fifteen 20lb+ pike on them using various methods.

Whether it be short to long range fishing, live or dead bait fishing or even wobbling, they have performed brilliantly.

I have total confidence in these rods whenever I use them, which I can honestly say I have never had before with any other rod that I've used, and what's more the build quality has remained as good as when I first bought them.

First class rod, well done!


Mick Fleet.



The blank and a few other bits arrived this morning. I am very impressed. I have been using an American Star rod for a few years and the steeliness in the Axiom blank is just what I was hoping for. Thank you for the quick service.

Eric Memmott.



The heavy weight Axiom blank (6235) arrived safely on Friday.

The blank is splendid, and as this is the second Axiom blank you have sent me in almost as many weeks I am now regretting not getting a set of three at the start!

I'll be back for the last Axiom blank!

Eric Memmott.


Dear Mr Lumb

Just a quick note to thank you for the Chimera rods you built for me. I am delighted with them. They are just as I like a rod to be, well built and without frills.

Thank you again and tight lines.

Dave Will


Hi Dave.

I have sent you a pic of a 31lb 12oz caught with a Loch Tamer P-3. We had 3 other rods out and I was able to steer the fish away from them, I was in complete control of the fish at no point did it go where it wanted to go.

Ricky McIntyre



I’ve attached a photo of a fish of 25lb 6oz caught on one of my P1’s this afternoon. This was caught at range with the P1 wound to the max and so hopefully I’ll be able to reach a few more with the BB350.

Thanks again, your rods are the bollocks.




I bought an Axiom 6824 from you in June. Thought I'd wait until I had caught a number of fish on it...'s just what I wanted i.e. a really good all-round biggish lure rod. Casting action is smoooth and copes with everything from Lil'Ernies to the odd Mag Dawg. For what it's advertised for i.e. Dawgs, Depth Raiders etc I've found I don't need to work at getting distance so everything can be nice and controlled with no overruns. The thing I like most is that you are completely in control of the fish with this rod. The hooks don't pull but it has the 'grunt' to control a big fish in a weir stream. Finish on the blank is excellent; it's Sage or Winston quality in fly rod terms. Only problem is I want to take it everywhere - I'm sure it would be ideal for big plugs for bass. So it's a great rod, and I' also grateful for the no-nonsense friendly advice you give on tackle.

James Daniel



I purchased a Sledgehammer 1 from you about 18 months ago. I have caught some nice pike whilst using it and have found some other uses for it. I hope you are not offended but I have been using it for boat fishing off the Kent coast. Best pollack so far 8lbs on a lure, also bass to 8lbs on live sandeel. The rod has performed excellently and some of my sea fishing pals are talking about buying their own Sledgehammers!


John Little


Hi Dave

The P1 rods you made me really are the "mutts nuts" so thanks for producing such a good pike rod. Enclosed is a photo of a nice fish caught on a P1 and 50lb Power Pro.


Richard Barton


Hi Dave

A photo of my new pb. 27lb caught on the power prowler I bought this summer.  The rod was well up to the job as she gave me an excellent fight.
Derek Smith


Got a couple of decent bends in the new Fooler today. Awesome piece of kit coupled with a 5500 and some Spring Dawgs + Salmo Sliders.

Nice one.

Colin Rowland


Hi Dave I have just received the Sledgehammer 4 you have just made for me, and wanted to thank you for making such a nice job of it. Having had some rods made before with other people it's nice to find someone who can make a high quality rod and give it a good finish. Again many thanks for all your help and advice.

Derek Orchard.


I've got a pair of your P1's (without any doubt the best pike rods I've ever used ) and was wondering if the rings are braid friendly or not.
If you could let me know I'd appreciate it.


Mick Fleet.

(The rings seem to be fine with braid by the way.... D.L.)



Just thought iIwould let you know. My 14 year old son caught a 25lb pike last week using one of your Duellist rods. It is a fish of a lifetime for both of us as we mainly lure fish for bass. I originally bought it (2nd hand ....but I have bought your Raider direct) for bass plugging and it is 2nd to none for this when a fixed spool reel is needed (still prefer the Raider when conditions permit). It can obviously cope with decent pike as well. I have given you a mention in previous B.A.S.S. publications .

Many thanks, all the best,

Dylan Sharrock.

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