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Here's some quotes from a thread from the old Pike and Predators Forum about the Baitblaster


Hi there, im new to these forums, ive been reading them for a while but this is my first  post.
Anyway, i am wondering what expierience people have of these rods. I currently have 3 Normark Gord Burton pike rods with a 2.75 TC. These rods are adequate for 90% of my pike fishing however i need something a bit beefier for fishing at greater range and for wangning out larger baits.
My Dad has a pair of Dave's P1's which he is very happy with and they look to have good build quality so i assume that the BB350's are just as good. Can anyone let me know how they handle at casting and playing fish under the tip.
Thanks in advance


Hey up there fella. Ive three of Daves said rods and carnt falt them for the work i do with them. (long range with use of baitboat, and lobbing that small bait out just that little bit further when needed.  as for the work under the rod tip, Well thay seam to have plenty of power to handle them explosive runs that seam to happen when hooking a fish under the tip  
Best money ive spent on fishing gear so far. and for a few extra quid get him to sprinkle some of that pixi dust on them, Works a treet m8  


Hi Duncan and welcome to the forums
I've got three highly specced customised BB350's that I bought for a catting trip that went belly up after I broke my wrist.  
They are however, spectalularly good for piking  - I can throw a bait a very long way with big pit reels and a big lead, and rank amoungst the best rods I have used under the tip - you really can just hold on and let the fish pull the rod through its curve - even close in uder your feet.  
I'd not hesitate in recommending thse rods - they're great. (I've got a few other [lure] rods from Dave as well, and they're absolutely spot on too).  


I use four BB350's all armed with Emblem S5000's loaded with 20lb Daiwa Sensor. For 90% of the time I use quite large baits. The BB350's are superb for this. The cast beautifully and with their through action have no problems controlling fish under the rod tips.  
Get them - you won't be disappointed

Camou Man

Good for big baits, good for big leads & small baits, good for fishing and playing fish close in.  
Good rods.

Billy Two Fish

I've got 2 P1's and a BB350. The P1's are the finest pike rod our there, ther is no equal. The 350's, whilst having the same build quality as the P1's are not as nice to use but for launching a bait as far as you like then they're just the job. They'll never be as nice due to the extra pokiness but for what they do there is no better. Coupling them with a big pit reel I can send a 4oz lead and a small lamprey past the 100 yard mark with a favourable wind.

Mike Kelly

I have a new BB350 and a P1. On my first cast with the 350 I put the bait in the bushes on the far bank (seriously!) This is a superb rod with fantastic action and having caught three good doubles on it on Boxing Day including a 22.08 I can vouch for the rod's ability to play fish. It does not have a poker action at all, but has immense power where needed and when required.

Buy one, you will not be disappointed.

Was that ok Dave, can I have my commission now, please!

Seriously though, I recommend these rods more than any other.