Axiom Lure Rods

NB Blanks are now Ultra Matt, standard thread colours are dark grey tipped with metallic Pewter as per ring photo below.

Since I built the first of my Prowler jerkbait rods back in 1994 new lures have come on the scene demanding new techniques. There has been a swing to longer and stiffer lure rods in some circles, there have also been advances in rod making materials and fittings too. Time to take another step forward.

I sat down and looked at the features I wanted in my dream lure rods: lightweight but strong blanks with fast actions; top quality fittings; and a distinctive (but not garish) finish. Simple! I then looked at the lures that I am using most often these days and decided that three rods would cover the majority of my needs.

The Axiom series has met my requirements, and has proved itself by landing me pike to over twenty-nine pounds within weeks of the final pre-production blanks landing in my eager hands. Their fast actions make for effortlessly long and accurate casts, and their light weight makes a long day's casting less fatiguing. They also look pretty smart too.

All in all, Axiom lure rods are truly practical and aesthetically pleasing tools for the discerning pike angler.


To complement the British made carbon blanks I have not skimped on the fittings, and genuine Fuji components are used throughout. GMMNSG silicone carbide (SiC) rings have been selected for their semi-low profile, light weight, super smooth performance.

Rolled Frame SiC Guide

These rings feature a "wrap-around" frame that helps protect the SiC inner from accidental damage. To give the rods a subtly distinctive look the rings are whipped with dark grey thread tipped with metallic Pewter to complement the smooth-ground blank. A stainless steel hook keeper is fitted as standard.

The standard handle comprises a black winding check in front of the four and a half inch flared cork foregrip, slim contoured cork and black rubber Fuji butt cap giving thirteen and one eighth inches overall behind the latest style, black chrome hooded, Fuji trigger reel seat.

New Style Trigger Grip

There are no garish graphics on these rods, just a few hand lettered words in white ink. As with all my rods I build to order only. Build time is a minimum six weeks on all Axiom rods.

All stated casting weights are simply a guide to a rod's capabilities.

AXIOM 7013 7ft (one piece) 1-3oz (28-84g): £260.00
Six rings plus tip - 20mm butt/10mm tip.

As with all the Axiom series the stiffness in the butt not only aids effortless casting, but also helps set hooks on the long casts that the 7013 makes so effortlessly. Ideal suited to straight retrieving crankbaits, spinnerbaits, in-line spinners and soft baits like Sandras and shads. Also for twitching small minnows like Bombers and 6 inch Jakes and Grannies. Will double up for jig fishing at the lighter end of its weight range and for working pull-baits like Suicks and Burts (not to mention Bull Dawgs) at the heavier end. A nice rod to use for handheld trolling too. Recommended reel: Ambassadeur - 5000 or 6000 series, loaded with 65lb, 80lb or 100lb Power Pro braid depending on the lures you are throwing.

AXIOM 6824 6ft 8in (one piece) 2-4oz (56-112g): £260.00
Six rings plus tip - 20mm butt/12mm tip.
The Axiom 6824 is what I reckon you could call the all rounder in the range. In testing I found that this model would do almost everything. Useful for working Burts and similar pull baits as well as crankbaits and swimbaits, and will double up for fishing other jerkbaits like Mantas and so on. While the 6ft 8in length might not be ideal for all jerkbaiting situations there are a number of people switching to longer rods for the casting and hooksetting benefits they offer when using these lures. Recommended reel: Ambassadeur - 6000 series, loaded with 80lb or 100lb Power Pro braid.

AXIOM 6235 6ft 2in (one piece) 3-5oz (84-140g): £260.00
Five rings plus tip - 20mm butt/12mm tip.
For casting and working jerkbaits the AX6235 is the rod to choose. Being the shortest of the Axiom series, and the most powerful, this is undoubtedly the rod to fish all types and sizes of jerkbait from nine inch Suicks to weighted eight inch Reef Hawgs. Will also twitch ten inch Jakes and other big, buoyant lipped baits, and throw the occasional Magnum Bull Dawg. Recommended reel: Ambassadeur - 6000 series, loaded with 100lb Power Pro braid.


Precisely the same blanks and handles as the standard Axiom range, but fitted with the higher stand-off aluminium oxide Fuji guides that I fit to all my other baitcaster rods. Whipping is dark blue thread - but with sapphire tipping at only tip and keeper rings.
Price £220.00.

Alconite rings (same frame shape as the SiCs shown, but in black) also available at intermediate price. Alconite centres are harder than the aluminium oxide centres, but not quite as hard as SiC. Phone or e-mail for more details.