Specialist Rods


I have been building rods on blanks from Harrison Advanced Rods since 1991, and although I am best known for my predator rods I have also built plenty of rods for non-predator anglers over the years. So, as Harrison's have a deservedly high reputation among specialist anglers, I now list some of their more popular models here, all built in my usual no-frills, no nonsense, practical style and to my customary high standards.

If you don't see the rod you are looking for listed here please drop me an e-mail or give me a call and I am sure I will be able to build you a rod on just the Harrison blank you are after - Interceptor, four piece Avon, Chimera Snag/Floodwater etc.

Torrix Specialist rods are built on smooth ground, clear gloss finished, low-resin woven carbon blanks, with overfit joints. The Torrix range are state of the art, lightweight blanks with superb fish playing actions.

Chimera Specialist rods have smooth ground, clear gloss finished, woven carbon blanks, with overfit joints. Other colours and finishes available to order. The Chimera range are fish proven, slim rods with a great cosmetic appearance.

Standard Specialist rods are built on unground, slim, natural carbon blanks with overfit joints. Other colours and finishes available to order. The Standard range have stood the test of time and are no-nonsense rods for practical anglers.

All my specialist rods feature 'Rover Ringing' patterns enabling the rods to be broken down while rigged up aligning the tip and butt perfectly. This is great if travelling light without a rod sling, almost doing away with the need for rod bands. As standard all rods have three leg, Fuji Hardloy rings whipped in black and finished with high gloss epoxy varnish. Fuji SiC or Alconite rings can be fitted for an additional charge.

Fuji 3-leg guide
Fuji guide fitted as standard to all DLST specialist rods.

Keeper ring is fitted as standard on all specialist rods.

Read my views on rod rings and braided lines here.

All my specialist rods have slim, plain cork handles, black 17mm DPS graphite reel seat and Fuji rubber butt cap. While I understand that long handles as fitted to many mass produced rods make the rods feel lighter when you pick them up in a shop they are impractical when you come to fish with the things. The handles I fit as standard are, in some cases, quite a bit shorter than is usually seen on 'off the peg' rods. Eleven footers have 16.5 inches behind the reel seat and twelve footers 17.5 inches. Reel seats are fitted in the up-locking mode with a short section of flared cork above the reel seat.

Lettering is in white ink and kept to a bare minimum - your name can be added at no extra charge. Alternative whipping colours can be accommodated in the standard price. Contrasting tipping to all whippings is an additional £8.00 per rod. SiC tip rings are an extra £5.00 per rod. A full set of Silicone Carbide rings can be fitted at an additional cost of 45.00 per rod. Barbel rods can also be fitted with isotopes. Because I build rods to be fished with I supply all rods in a clear polythene sleeve - should you require a cloth rod bag these are available for a small extra charge. Please phone or e-mail to discuss any other custom options you might have a hankering for.

All stated test curves and lengths are approximate, being a useful guide to a rod's capabilities. As a result of my policy of progressive development I reserve the right to alter build specifications from those described here.