Rod Pages

All rods are built to order. Depending on the order book, completion of standard build should take less than four weeks. I cannot specify a build time for rebuilds or full custom builds owing to supply of non-stock blanks or fittings.

NB I am no longer undertaking rebuilds/refurbs for rods which I haven't built. The only exception being the replacement of individual broklen or damaged rings.

Please note that phoning to check when your rods will be completed is unlikely to make them arrive any sooner!

Dave's Faves Rods I wouldn't be without.
Rod Talk The section of my Lumbland blog where I talk about rods and rodbuilding.
Rods in Stock Sometimes I have a few rods built up which are listed here.
Predator Rods Rods for bait fishing techniques.
Torrix Rods for Predators Designed for carp fishing some Torrix blanks build into good predator rods.
Catfish Rods Rods for catching catfish with..
Axiom Lure Rods Baitcasting rods for pike.
FXH Lure Rod Baitcasting rod for pike.
Lure Rods Baitcasting and spinning rods for pike - Fooler, Raider, Seeker.
Sledge-Hammer Lure Rods Baitcasting rods for pike.
Trickster Lure Rods Two-piece baitcasting rods for pike.
Duellist Rods 9ft, two-piece rods for lures or baits.
Specialist Rods Introduction to my ranges of rods for non-predatory species such as barbel, chub and tench.
Torrix Specialist Rods Rods built on lightweight hi-tech carbon blanks.
Chimera Specialist Rods Rods built on woven carbon blanks.
Standard Specialist Rods Rods built on slim, plain carbon blanks.
Carp Rods Probably rods for carp fishing built on the extensive Harrison ranges.
Spod Rod A Spod rod.
Custom Builds Introduction to my custom building service and info on rod fittings available.
Rod Components Some of the rod fittings I carry in stock for home builders.

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