Trickster Lure Rods

In recent years I have felt the need for slightly longer lure rods. These are not without their problems when it comes to transportation, not only when putting in cars but when taking bait and lure rods along on a session. A quiver full of eleven foot bait rods leaves a seven foot plus lure rod prone to damage when it is alongside them. It has taken me a while to get the two-piece blanks I had in mind manufactured but the first is now tested and available.

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Starting out with selfish motives I first went for a splitable version of my favourite Axiom, the 7013, but four inches longer at seven feet four. As the picture above illustrates the Trickster H is rung 'Rover' fashion so it can be carried made up by clipping the trace snap into the frame of the bottom ring on the tip section. The butt can be banded to the tip for transportation if you like.

To cover all eventualities there is a lighter model undergoing field testing to deal with a lure range similar to that which the ever-popular Fooler covers. Build specifications are as for the Trickster H while the action will be a little softer and lighter.

Solid carbon is used for the spigots and the unground blanks are reinforced in the joint area. The prototype was severely abused and the joints have proved utterly reliable.

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The standard handle comprises a black winding check in front of the four and a half inch flared cork foregrip, slim contoured cork and black rubber Fuji butt cap giving thirteen and one eighth inches overall behind the latest style, black hooded, Fuji trigger reel seat. Rings are my standard BCLSVOG whipped in plain black befitting workhorse rods like these. Silicone Carbides are available at extra cost. Tip rings are the heavy duty flanged BUHT pattern. A stainless steel hook keeper is fitted as standard.

New Style Trigger Grip

There are no garish graphics on these rods, just a few hand lettered words in white ink. As with all my rods I build to order only.

All stated casting weights are simply a guide to a rod's capabilities.

TRICKSTER H 7ft 4in (two piece) 1-3oz (28-84g): £225.00
Seven rings plus tip - 20mm butt/10mm tip.

The Trickster H is a more than useful trolling rod and will throw all manner of 'general' sized pike lures - swimbaits, Curlies, Burts and more.

TRICKSTER L 7ft 4in (two piece) 1-2.5oz (28-70g): £225.00
Seven rings plus tip - 20mm butt/10mm tip.

The Trickster L is comparable in action and casting weight to the Fooler.