Rods in Stock

I don't usually carry standard build rods in stock, but sometimes I might have an order canceled or build something for a show. When I have any they will be listed here.

Standard Builds Quantity Available

Non standard builds are also sometimes available for similar reasons and will be listed below.

Non Standard Builds Quantity Price
Trickster H - Fixed Spool 1 £220

If I am changing any of my own rods they will be listed here.

Used rods Quantity Price
(Carriage Paid)

10ft 3lb Custom Torrix
Build is minimal. American Tackle 1k woven reel seats, AT butt caps, Fuji Alconite rings, hook keepers on left side, dark grey thread. All lettering underneath except 'DLST' on top between the whippings for the hook keepers.

New build price would be £340 each or £1050 including carriage.


Pics here.



Blanks available for builds.

Blanks Quantity

11ft 2lb Gti


Interceptor 2 1
12ft 1.25lb Torrix 2
12ft 3.25lb Torrix 1