Sledge-Hammer Lure Rods

The blanks used to build the Sledge-Hammer range had to be redesigned in 2007 due to a change in material availability. The result are rods that retain the same casting and fish playing attributes of the originals but which are marginally lighter.
The redesign process also resulted in a new addition (the SH70L) to the range, for handling slightly lighter lures.
SLEDGE-HAMMER 70L 7ft 0in (1 piece) 1.5-3.5oz (42-98g): £175.00
Six rings plus tip - 20mm butt/heavy duty 10mm tip.
The SH70L is the rod for the bank based pike lure angler, and will handle heavy crankbaits, larger minnows, light swimbaits and spinning-blade baits. Because of it's slightly more forgiving action the SH70L will be a useful trolling rod.

SLEDGE-HAMMER 66M 6ft 6in (1 piece) 2-4oz (56-112g): £175.00
Six rings plus tip - 20mm butt/heavy duty 10mm tip.
The SH-66M replaces the original S-H1 for throwing Bull Dawgs, crankbaits, larger swimbaits and spinnerbaits and for working some jerkbaits too. A heavier duty trolling rod than the SH70L. Easily capable of handling the biggest, wildest pike around. Available at 7ft (SH70M) on request

SLEDGE-HAMMER 60H 6ft 0in (one piece) 2.5-4.5oz (70-126g): £175.00
Five rings plus tip - 20mm butt/heavy duty 10mm tip.
For those of you using the largest jerkbaits you need no longer look to imported rods to do the job. The Sledge-Hammer 60H will throw the heaviest of lures, and still have some give in the action to keep pike on the hooks.


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