Lure Rods



As standard all lure rods are built on unground, natural carbon blanks, with cork handles and Fuji reel seats and guides. Rings are whipped in black and coated with clear epoxy. All one piece rods are fitted with a trigger reel seat as standard and rung with three leg guides for use with multiplier reels. The Duellists are dedicated fixed spool rods and as such has a DPS reel seat - although multiplier builds can be accomodated. Other rods can be built for fixed spool use using similar fittings. All lure rods are fitted with a hook keeper as standard. The two piece baitcasters are built with a long tip and short handle length butt section, which may seem unorthodox but retains a one piece feel and has become the preferred construction method of some of the UK's finest lure anglers. All stated casting weights are simply a guide to a rod's capabilities - the optimum weight being somewhere between the two quoted extremes. Rods are supplied in a clear plastic sleeve.

Some of these rods have not been designed for use with braided lines, and as such I can accept no liability for any breakages occurring when these lines are used on them. Despite this many customers, and myself, have experienced no problems so far. Please set your drag with care and refrain from trying to haul lures out of snags using the rod!! Prowler and Sledge-Hammer series rods are definitely braid friendly.

Keeper ring detail.

Owing to the fitting of a new, more ergonomically designed, Fuji trigger-grip reel seat (updated photo to follow soon) there are now eleven and five-eighths inches of parallel cork behind the reel seat, and four inches (flared) in front on my standard baitcasting handle. This puts the reel in exactly the same position as on previous builds. Fixed spool build has twelve inches behind the reel seat and three inches in front of the reel seat.

Lure rod handles

FOOLER 6ft 6in (one piece)1-2.5oz (28-70g): £180.00
Six rings plus tip - 20mm butt/8mm tip.

The versatility of the Fooler has amazed me. With the advent of the smaller mini-jerkbaits it has extended its repertoire from the minnows, spinnerbaits, jigs and suchlike which it was originally intended to fish. For most medium range lure fishing the Fooler will fit your bill. Even so I have watched one nutter lob four ounce jerkbaits on it, and heard of another using it to fish Bull Dawgs - I can recommend neither practice! I have, however, fished DepthRaiders and half-ounce spinnerbaits on the Fooler.

"Just a word to say how good the 'Fooler' I purchased of you recently is. I've already banked a few, no biggies yet, but the improved action it gives my Loz's is making the difference." - Barry Robinson.

"Nearest thing I have found to a perfect all round, medium weight lure rod. Dont know why I bothered importing all those American ones, most of which are designed for muskie anyway." - Keith Brint.

SLUGGER 6ft 6in (one piece) 0.75-1.75oz (21-49g): £170.00
Six rings plus tip - 20mm butt/8mm tip.

A similarly pleasing rod to the Fooler for those of you who wish to fish lighter lures. It is rumoured that the Slugger will also fish mini-jerkbaits and small soft plastics like six inch Slug-Gos. You will get loads of fun with small water jacks on this rod, but it has still battled successfully with pike to over twenty-five pounds for one satisfied customer.

SEEKER 7ft 6in (two piece) 0.5-2oz (14-56g): £180.00
Eight rings plus tip - 20mm butt/8mm tip.
The Seeker will happily cope with the majority of small to medium sized pike lures, from spinnerbaits to five or six inch plugs. This rod will handle lures a little over 2oz but for prolonged use of such lures the Raider is a better option. A lovely spoon rod.

RAIDER 7ft 8in (two piece) 0.75-2.5oz (21-70g): £180.00
Eight rings plus tip - 20mm butt/8mm tip.
The Raider is at home is a popular choice for mid-range lure work, both casting and trolling. Eight years ago (seems just like yesterday) John Milford called it "An iron fist in a velvet glove" in his Pikelines review. Many large pike have been landed on the Raider since then, including at least two fish over thirty pounds. A classic lure rod if ever there was one. I am also told that this makes a superb bass plugging rod for any sea anglers who might be looking in!

REAPER 7ft 2in (two piece) 1.25-3oz (35-84g): £180.00
Six rings plus tip - 20mm butt/10mm tip.
A heavy duty crankbait rod which is ideal for casting and retrieving large lipped baits. The Reaper has also proved itself as a trolling rod and for fishing big spinnerbaits too.



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