Catfish Rods


Catfish are gaining a wider popularity among UK predator anglers seeing me being asked to build dedicated rods for these powerful fish on a more frequent basis. In the past the BB350 was often used and recommended but as catfish have got bigger more specialised rods are becoming essential. Harrison's manufacture three excellent 10ft catfish blanks.

As standard three leg Fuji BCLSVOG guides are whipped in black and finished with high gloss epoxy varnish. Lettering is in white ink and kept to a bare minimum. Standard handles feature DPS graphite reel seat, Fuji butt cap, full length Duplon with large tapered foregrip.

All stated test curves and lengths are approximate.

The Ballista is most popular for UK fishing with it's progressive action, while the Torrix is a stiffer blank more suited to continental fishing. The Chimera falls betwen the two.

BC10-500 10ft/5lb: £265.00
Seven rings plus tip - 40mm butt/12mm tip.
Ballista catfish rods are built on unground, plain carbon blanks with overfit joints. Other colours and finishes available to order.

TC10-500 10ft/5lb: £275.00
Seven rings plus tip - 40mm butt/12mm tip.
Torrix catfish rods are built on smooth ground, Ultra Matt, low-resin woven carbon blanks, with overfit joints.


If you would prefer your rods built to a non standard specification, please click here for more information.
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I can supply bare blanks for most of the rods listed here. Please contact me for prices.