Mann's Magnum Stretch 30+, 18+ & 8+

Magnum Stretch 30+There are few large floating crankbaits around that are suitable for trolling down to thirty feet or more on a reasonably short line. Sure, baits like DepthRaiders (not really a big bait in my book) and Cisco Kids will get down there, but only with a lot of line out. Some of those that will run deep on a short line don't have much action to them, which is not always a bad thing but not always what you want. The Mann's Magnum Stretch 30+ is the crankbait I usually choose for trolling depths over 25 feet with ease. Because of its buoyancy and running angle the S-30+ trips over rocky bottoms without getting snagged up too often. I have caught pike with this lure tripping bottom on deep stretches of rivers and I have caught pike suspended deep over sixty feet of water on large lakes.

The construction of the S-30+ is tough (except when cast at brick walls!) and it has been a good hooker for me too - probably thanks to its slim shape and hard plastic body. Although there is an impressive colour selection on the Mann's website ( only a few colours are available from UK suppliers at the present. Don't worry, these lures are easily resprayed - my top catcher is a kind of basic Orange Tiger. To give one a respray first remove the hooks, then carefully prize the eyes off and stick them on to a polythene bag. If you want to retain the clear lip cover it with masking tape - painting the lip increases the visual profile of the lure though. Using car spray paints, apply a couple of coats of white primer, then the pattern of your choice. Once the lure is dry you can either coat it in clear epoxy or varnish, or leave it as it is. Finally stick the eyes back in place, replace the hooks (I like to swap them for bronzed Eagle Claws while I'm about it) and off you go.

If you are up to the task, the S-30+ will catch pike on the cast too, but don't expect to get it down to thirty feet!! Also available with the same body size and style are an 18+ version of this lure which is more easily fished on the cast, and a new 8+ model which I am looking forward to trying out both for casting and trolling.

Other top trolling crankbaits: Invader (Deep and Shallow), Ernie, 8in Jake, 10in Jake, Bomber 17J, Swim Whizz.

PS: I have laid my hands on a Magnum Stretch 8+, although I ain't caught on it yet the action is tasty. It trolls well, down to at least ten feet, and is easy to cast and retrieve. When twitched it behaves somewhat like a beefed up Bomber Minnow - which ain't a bad start!

PPS: The Magnum Stretch 8+ does catch!

Mann's Magnum Stretch 8+

(This article first appeared on this website - August 10th 2001)
(Updated October 8th 2001, July 11th 2004)